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Hardwood Floors

Experience the natural beauty of real wood flooring

Hardwood floors add a timeless beauty to your home or business. They last a lifetime and are a great option if you are looking for flooring that never goes out of style. Improvements in finishes and larger widths, offer today’s discerning customer a more natural look, while making scuffs and scratches less visible.

Hardwood complements any décor with its warmth and unique charm, featuring a variety of grain patterns such as wire brush, hand scraped, distressed and heritage grade finishes.

We are proud to carry products from leading hardwood suppliers including: BiYork, Goodfellow, Perverco, Richmond, Superior Flooring, Torlys and Twelve Oaks.

Hardwood floors that make a statement

Like precious artwork, beautiful hardwood floors make a statement in any space – the living room, office reception area or a restaurant. Whether choosing engineered or solid hardwood, these rich and elegant products are prized for their versatility and unique looks.

What are the benefits of hardwood flooring?

Few flooring materials are as long lasting and age as gracefully as hardwood floors, adding to the resale value of your home through their timeless qualities and neutral design. This natural material is environmentally friendly and supports better indoor air quality. It is a versatile, durable product that is cost effective to refinish, stain or paint in any desirable colour to evolving styles – even after many years. And, unlike carpeting, it’s so simple to keep clean.

Where are the best places to use hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwood can be installed almost anywhere, including below-grade spaces, on concrete and in condos. Its layered construction reduces the risk of warping, gapping, buckling and expansion contraction movement so it is the better option for more humid areas like kitchens and basements. Some engineered wood flooring is also suitable for use with radiant heated floors. Solid and engineered hardwood is the preferred option, because it can be sanded and re-finished to look great again, even after many years.

Installation methods

Once you have selected your perfect hardwood floor, let our professional installers turn your floor into a showpiece. Just remember, solid and engineered hardwood comes in many different species of wood, like Red Oak, White Oak Maple, Cherry, Birch and Hickory each with their own characteristics. Installation can be done by laying planks straight, diagonally or in a herringbone pattern for a showstopping effect.

Solid Hardwood Floors Vs Engineered Hardwood:

Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood

Solid Hardwood comes in many different species each with their own characteristics. Despite their differences all species of hardwood should be installed in climate stable, dry environments.

Water Resistant

Engineered Hardwood

Made up of laminated layers of wood with a top finished layer of hardwood, engineered floors give you the beauty of hardwood with more versatility and strength. Whether installed over concrete or in humid basements engineered floors are perfect for environments that challenge traditional solid hardwood.

There are different methods of installation. The nail/staple down method is commonly used on solid hardwood and engineered wood, when installed over plywood. Full spread glue down and glue assist is used for wider boards. For more information, check out our resource guide.

Solid Hardwood Floors Versus Engineered Hardwood

While there isn’t any dramatic difference between solid or engineered hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood lends itself to more areas in the home, such as on concrete below grade where solid wood flooring should not be installed. Both options are more environmentally friendly and can be sanded and resurfaced over a lifetime.

Featured Hardwood Flooring

  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Monet

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Turner

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Van Gogh

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Rafael

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Francesca

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Dali

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Vermeer

    $8.49 / SQFT
  • Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece White Oak Picasso

    $8.49 / SQFT

Featured Hardwood Brands

Biyork Luxury Vinyl
Richmond Hardwood Flooring
Preverco Hardwood Flooring
TwelveOaks Luxury Vinyl
Superior Hardwood Flooring
GoodFellow Hardwood Flooring
American Hardwood Flooring

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