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Ceramic tiles are versatile, strong and have a classic beauty that stands the test of time. They can be installed on floors, walls and are strong enough to withstand the elements when used in a outdoor setting.

Back-splashes & Wall Tiles

Back-splashes and Wall Tiles

For wall applications almost any tile will work as the the technical requirements are as important as they are for floors. This makes selecting the right tiles for walls is really a matter of taste and you can focus on choosing the perfect size, colour and design for your space.

Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles

For flooring it is critical to select a tile that is rated for a floor application. To stand up to wear and tear floors require a resilient, anti-slip product. Along with a durable tile it is important to have a properly prepared sub-floor. With a strong sub-floor and property selected tile a ceramic floor will last a lifetime.

Outdoor Tile Installation

Outdoor Installation

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles can be used for indoor and exterior applications but there are many factors to consider when selecting a tile for outdoor use. For ceramic only tiles with a high PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating and anti-slip textures are appropriate. Porcelain is generally less porous, and very durable making it a perfect choice for out door applications.

High Traffic Zone Tile Installtions

High Traffic & Heavy Duty Use

Ceramic tile flooring is suitable in practically any type of room. It is ideal for high-traffic areas, or in challenging conditions such as kitchen and bathroom. When selecting your tiles it is important to choose a product that is rated for your specific use case. Ask someone from our sales team to help you find the right tile for your application.

We have an extensive collection of ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles to choose from in our showroom.

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