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Mohawk’s PureTech is a new type of luxury vinyl flooring that provides the appearance of genuine wood while also being durable. PureTech products are environmentally friendly, affordable, and life-friendly, providing you with an excellent choice from any budget and space. If you prefer a low-maintenance, worry-free flooring option, then PureTech is exactly what you need. Homeowners with hectic residences or high-traffic areas may find comfort with the styles in Mohawk’s PureTech collection.

Aside from its aesthetic appeal, PureTech also includes impressive performance features. WetProtect’s inclusion ensures that your flooring is both surface and sub-floor waterproof, providing you with a lifetime guarantee against water damage. To avoid worries about spills or dampness, PureTech has you covered.

What truly distinguishes PureTech is its scratch resistance. With three times the scratch resistance of traditional vinyl flooring products, this collection will endure even in high-traffic locations. With this flooring, you can comfortably engage in sports such as running, walking, or playing without worrying that the floor will be damaged.

If you are looking for a flooring that blends the beauty and quality of high-quality wood visuals, exceptional longevity, and eco-friendliness, look no further than Mohawk’s PureTech collection. With its classic styling, extensive color range, and impressive performance features, this collection truly offers sustainability, style, and performance like no other.

  • PVC Free, 70% Total Recycled Content, 80% Organic, Renewable Core.
  • 3X More Scratch Resistant than LVT with 15 Year Pet Scratch Warranty.
  • The beauty of wood with premium embossing and Natural Edge.


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