White Oak 5 1/8″ Flex 19 Character Smoked FX

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We’re thrilled to introduce Preverco?s new budget-friendly wood flooring grade, where sustainability, affordability, and enduring quality converge.

This grade not only offers exceptional value but also maintains their commitment to eco-friendliness. You can enjoy the natural beauty of wood without compromising on environmental responsibility. Plus, this budget-friendly option is designed for longevity, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

Embrace character with splits, surface checks, and knots, as they become part of your unique flooring story.

Upgrade your space affordably with Preverco character grade – Where Quality Meets Affordability!

Character grade on White Oak
  1. A blended grade of NUANCE and VARIATION WITH KNOTS allowing for surface checks, splits and knots.
  2. Offered in the FLEX19 in 5 1/8″, 6 1/8″ and 7 1/8″.
  3. High quality product.
  4. Preverco?s warranty is applicable on this product. Important: splits, surface checks and knots are part of the grade, therefore deemed acceptable in this product.




Assertive, mysterious and masculine, Smoked-FX dares to combine stronger tone variations of light greys with dark brown with breathtaking areas of sap wood creating a strong personality in the room.

Wood is a living material. White oak is a species who may have colour variations, cracks, splits and mineral streaks. Inform yourself about the possible variations.

FLEX 19 – Engineered flooring that is flexible and easy to install

The Flex platform s flooring consists of two layers for optimal flexibility. The thick hardwood surface is secured to softwood slats. These slats are placed in the opposite direction and connected by two flexible polymer wires.


  • Surface made of 4mm (Flex19) or 3mm (Flex16) hardwood slat that can be sanded and refinished
  • Flexibility to match slight imperfections in the sub-floor to prevent voids that may cause noise
  • When professionally installed with the proper membrane, this is the quietest floor on the market according to the FIIC index
  • Excellent stability for wide slats
  • 100% made in Canada from local resources
  • Suitable for radiant floor heating


Thanks to its ingenious structure, the Flex platform offers a range of versatile and easy-to-install products. Flex products are compatible with all installation locations, whether residential or rental, in addition to being efficient for glued installations. Flex is the most suitable flooring for floating installation since it facilitates the interlocking of long planks. It also provides the best acoustic properties and is therefore ideal for condos.


The Flex platforms products can be installed directly on concrete. They are compatible with almost all installation methods.




  • Stapled
  • Glued
  • Floating



FX colours are obtained by using so-called reactive stains. Reactive stain is a colouring product used to achieve rich and unique tone variations on prefinished hardwood flooring. Its components react with certain natural elements of wood such as tannins and sapwood. This reaction creates darker or lighter areas. The colour can vary over time due to oxidation and UV rays from the sun. The contrasts tend to become more subtle over time. Please choose your FX floor according to the possible extreme variations in shades.

  • Wood WHITE OAK
  • Color Smoked FX
  • Stain Intermediate


23sf per case