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Hardwood Flooring

Experience the natural beauty of real wood flooring

About Hardwood Flooring

Due to its versatility, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood are one of the most popular types of flooring available. The natural imperfections of the wood give floors a warm and unique charm.

All hardwood floors have a unique look due to variations in the grain patterns, colours, knots and character marks; this makes each installation one-of-a-kind. Because of the natural character in hardwood floors they age better than other flooring materials. Small scratches and dents will make other flooring materials look worn out, but with hardwood they create a unique personality for your floor.

Installation methods

  • Nail Down – This is the most common method for solid hardwood. It requires the hardwood to be installed over a plywood or hardwood subfloor.
  • Glue down – This technique can be used with engineered hardwoods or bamboo floors but is not recommended for solid hardwood. Glue down applications work with all types of subfloor but are messy and more labour intensive than the nail down and floating methods.
  • Floating – In this method the hardwood boards are clicked into each other (or glued at joints) but not attached to the floor. This is a popular method for installing laminate floors but can be used for engineered hardwood as well.

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Solid Hardwood Floors Vs Engineered Hardwood:

  • Solid Hardwood

    Solid Hardwood comes in many different species each with their own characteristics. Despite their differences all species of hardwood should be installed in climate stable, dry environments.
  • Engineered Hardwood

    Made up of laminated layers of wood with a top finished layer of hardwood, engineered floors give you the beauty of hardwood with more versatility and strength. Whether installed over concrete or in humid basements engineered floors are perfect for environments that challenge traditional solid hardwood.

Our Featured Brands:

We carry a variety of hardwood brand in our Ottawa Store. Contact us for full product availability and pricing.

Superior Flooring
Goodfellow Hardwood
American Wide Plank
Richmond Hardwood
Twelve Oaks Hardwood

Hardwood Flooring Available Online

Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece American Black Walnut Rivera

$8.49 sqft.

Gemtec Hardwood Masterpiece American Black Walnut Goya

$8.49 sqft.

White Oak Select Engineered - Wire Brushed - 4 1/4" - Yukon White

$7.99 sqft.

White Oak Heritage Engineered - Wire Brushed - 5" - Sandstone

$8.49 sqft.

Maple Heritage Engineered - Matte - 4 1/4" - Cumin

$6.29 sqft.

Maple Heritage Engineered - Matte - 4 1/4" - Cinnamon

$6.29 sqft.

Maple Premier Engineered - Low Sheen - 4 1/4" - Natural

$6.29 sqft.

Red Oak Premier Engineered - Wire Brushed - 4 1/4" - Wicker

$6.29 sqft.